Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Next week is spring break and I hope to be able to ride at least 3, 2-hour days, one of them on the MTB. I am pretty well below 0 right now in TSB and have been for awhile. I would like to bring it up for air in time for the Flat Rock GSC MTB race on the 13th. So, I plan on getting to -2 or 0 that Saturday.

I would be nice to continue building my CTL this spring and get it back up to about 70 before memorial day and then perhaps get it to 80 tss/d by MTB nationals.

Most of my riding have been tempo with 1-2 sessions a week of either "sweet spot" riding or threshold efforts. I am not really "training" at this point with dedicated intervals and i want to see if this free-form approach gets any results.

Flat Rock will be a good test and I am planning on running a 36x16 single-speed gearing. That is pretty huge but apparently the course is very flat.

Here is a shot of my PMC up to date.

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