Monday, April 14, 2008

Klein Pinnacle MTB

I got my 1990 Klein Pinnacle MTB as a graduation present from my folks. Since then it has survived huge jumps, 100 or so MTB races, a MTB tour of Montana, 24 hour races, getting me to class in college, and now its newest incarnation as a single-speed bike. In 1995 I broke the frame and Klein repainted it and fixed it for a cheap fee. All these years later it still has the original bottom bracket and cranks.

After servicing it last week it is now time for its retirement. But, I won an ebay auction for a silver lightly used 1994 Pinnacle on Sunday! Now I am set for another 18 years!

I am going to outfit it with new White Industries Cranks and chain ring. It is coming with a Manitou fork (unknown model) and a nice XTR head set.

I am ready to continue my love affair.

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