Monday, April 07, 2008

Today I found out that Tufo discontinued its "clincher-tubular" cyclocross tires. Total dissapointment for me because I really liked them. Now I guess I'll build some tubular wheels and get rid of one of my clincher wheelsets. I am a pretty bad gluer but I suppose if I start early enough I can learn. Too bad Tufo, you had a good customer in me! I think I will stick with them for tubulars and avoid the hype of some of the other brands that cost over $100.


Zoo said...

lol, Tufo discontinued the clincher-tubular 2 seasons may still be able to find some on ebay though. I kept popping holes in the ones I was using on my road bike, I liked them until I had to start replacing them all, they didn't seem to last half as long as the clinchers.

Bob Kuhn said...

I guess I was the last to know. I still have 4 pairs in various states of wear. I will probably go full tubular for the fall.