Friday, April 04, 2008

Today I was able to ride into work, which is a treat for me. I used to do it a lot more but now I am down to once a week at most. It is a great ride that ends up along the Chattahoochee River right at daybreak and the river and wildlife viewing is so much better than being stuck looking at tail-lights.

I do this in an hour on non-commute days, but the lights and traffic add 15 minutes so I leave at 6:45 to get to school (work) at 8am.


Zoo said...


Question on your powertap training...I notice from your wko graph below that it looks fairly complete, do you use a powertap on all bikes including your cross and mtb? I had one that I used just on my road bike and found that it was difficult to get accurate training data if I was not getting data from my cross and mtb however if I setup some powertaps on all my bikes it may get kind of pricey. Just wondering how you handle your different bikes?

Fellow HUP United Member

Bob Kuhn said...

Hi Dave,

I do have an extra mount for the PT on my cross bike. I usually have it on my road bike. I don't have one on my SS MTB but instead use "percieved exertion" in combination with a range of values I have learned from others using SS MTB with a PT or SRM. Bascially, I estimate between 1.0 to 1.25 tss points per minute, depending on the course and how I feel. Normally I come in anywhere between 60-75 tss for a 1 hour ride. It is not perfect, but it gets me by and I think if it is off 5-10% it is not going to affect much.

Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions. I have learned a lot in the past 3 years using the PT.