Thursday, April 24, 2008

My arsenal is almost complete. I have been obsessed with White Industries freewheels the past few months. My extra Paypal money has gone to getting them in 16, 17, 18 tooth cogs. Only 19 and 20 to go. Maybe a 21 for north Georgia forest service roads. I made a portable vise for my car for changes on the fly. I think if I ever make another SS podium I am going to string them as a necklace for the photo. They are so nice and work so well.

My ENO cranks came in also so now I am waiting on the Phil Wood bottom bracket and bearings and I'll be able to finish the bike. I don't know how it will turn out but I have not had an obsession in awhile and this is filling the vacuum.

The Yargo race looms and it should be really fun. They have re-routed some of the course and all in all the race will be around 22 miles.

I did a 15 minute impromptu TT yesterday because I was late and managed to do 302w average. That puts my FTP around 290w which is what I thought. Two illnesses have impacted that and I would like to maintain a 300w FTP for as long as possible. I don;t really want to train but with the short time I have each day to ride the "sweet spot" intervals (85-90% FTP) make it easy to climb the ladder to 300w. Now and them I'll do a 2x20 at FTP as well. It is hard sometimes to just ride around.

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