Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mental Notes...

New crankset installation thought process:

Install the ENO cranks on the 108mm spindle to see if it clears frame. If the 108mm clears, check the chain line and if it is good, then no problem. If it does not clear or if the chain line sucks, get a 113mm spindle from Klein and borrow the installation tool from Peachtree Bikes or see if Free Flite has one. Pop out the old bearing catridge and spindle and install the new 113mm spindle using the tool. Install the ENO cranks and measure the chain line at the seatpost and at the rear freewheel. If they are within 1mm of each other I can live with that. If not, either run it anyway or proceed to down a large bottle of Chimay. Figure out proper spindle length for chain line first dummy!

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