Sunday, September 09, 2007

4 More Weeks

Only 4 more weeks of dedicated training before the CX season starts and more CX focused workouts begin. Next week is a rest week and my CTL is 70 right now. No where near the 80 I wanted before the season, but it may climb to 72 before the season if I am lucky.

This was a tiring week combining tough workouts and life-related stress.

Today's CX workout was below my expectations. I felt great last Sunday but not so much today. I felt tired today and was able to get 1 out of 3 of the 10 minute intervals at race pace. I am not sure I could have held that for 45 minutes.

But, even though rest is hard it will pay off considering the next 4 weeks will also be pretty tough.

My new Swiss Top Rat brake pads are fantastic.


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APBIORoswell said...

CTL is short for chronic training load. Basically, CTL is a measure of your accumulated training load over time (like last 42 days). ATL is acute training load which is measured in a shorter time frame (like 7 days). TSB is training stress balance which is ATL-CTL and gives you an idea of your "freshness". Ideally you would want a very high CTL right up to your peak event and then taper so that your TSB becomes positive (indicating freshness). Elite racers have a CTL between 80-110 because of their training/racing load.

APBIORoswell said...

Here is a more detailed explanation of what I am referring to...