Thursday, September 06, 2007


I had some major shifting problems this week and happened to be in the vicinity of two bike shops. The first shop took the bike and did some adjustments, charged me $14 and the shifting still sucked. The other shop told me the derallieur was bent and totally f'ed up the shifting even more. I took it home, adjusted the limit screws and it works better than either service--and I have no skill. Maybe I just got lucky.

Today I have to yet again try to tire my legs out and I was successful. I did 10x2(2) at VO2 max (318-363 watts). These were hard for me and I did not take a break and did all 10 back to back with 2 minutes rest in between. Really good guys can do these but at 3-5 minutes at a time. Here is a peek...

Tomorrow I'll do some tempo and then hopefully Sunday a good CX practice.

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