Thursday, September 27, 2007

Threshold and the Last 28 days

Today I did 3x15(10) in the threshold zone (271-317 watts), or what I think is the zone since I have not tested since 7/25. I hope it is higher by now but I don't have time to test and I am a bit fatigued so the the numbers would suck anyway.

Tuesday I did 7x4(4) at VO2 max which hurt a bit but I got through it.

Here is an example of speed and power for a threshold interval (notice the poor turnaound due to traffic):

Here is a shot of one of the VO2 max intervals:

The last 28 days I have been doing some intensity work and the cyclocross workouts started as well. In the graph below you can see the effect of the rest week.

I have about a week left in my 12 week program I started in June. I am down to 171 pounds now and feel fitter than when I began. The Oxmoor cyclocross race is next weekend and I am looking forward to racing that. I still have a ways to go but it looks like the hot days may be coming to an end and fall is in the air.

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