Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Fair is Here!

Yesterday we did our last CX practice at Marietta for the month since the state fair is in town.

Actually, you can practice there but you have to park near the softball field, go by the softball field, up the hill, take a right (bypassing the run-up if you want)down through the woods, take the dirt road instead of the twisty part through the woods, turn left up the steep hill, do the twisty woods section, a right back on the gravel road, down the big hill, once at the bottom go left along the softball complex fence to the front entrance, take a hard left and lap around the parking lot to the start.

On our lap practice yesterday we did 4x5(5) VO2 max intervals which along with Tuesday brought mine up to 8 for the week. I feel OK today despite back to back efforts like that. The road efforts were a little harder because they were flat with no recovery.

Today I am going to attempt 2x20(10) threshold intervals but we will see what the body allows.

I am debating a long road ride for the weekend instead of the CX practice Sunday(?).

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