Sunday, September 02, 2007

'Cross Workouts and the Summer Workout Breakdown

Just as a way to keep track, below is a copy of my training power zones and time spent in them from Memorial Day to Labor Day (summer). I have also added a performance chart showing ATL, CTL and training stress balance.

Today was the second cyclocross workout at the STL and we had a nice big crowd in the cool temperatures and drizzle. There were a few A racers and a good mix of abilities as well. I think today's efforts were hard but not as hard as last week when the course had a little uphill tilt to it. I felt pretty strong but two of the A riders were not trying as hard as they could and one of them was having mechanicals on his new bike so it is hard to gauge. No photos or anything and I have no power data since it was raining. My PE for the interval sessions felt to be in the threshold zone. I have to work on my remounts since today they were really sloppy.

The new HUP kit stuff should get here early this week so that will be fun.

Comparison of the performance chart from summer 2006 (left) and summer 2007 (right):

Training zone breakdown from this summer:

The maximal power chart from summer 2007:

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