Saturday, August 25, 2007

Week So Far and New Bike

Wednesday I tried to do the 7x4 VO2 max intervals but the heat really bothered me so I bagged it after 1x4 because I felt like shit and rode easy back to school. Thursday I did the GTC Thursday Night World Champs and it rained(!) which cooled things off. We were able to do 22 mph over the rolling course and I averaged 268w for the ride and had a nice accumulation of time in VO2 max and anaerobic zones. The efforts were good and I felt strong throughout. Friday I did 45 minutes of hard tempo riding.

My CTL is right around 70 and my TSB is only slightly negative at -5.

Sunday is the first cross practice around here and everyone is looking forward to it. I rode yesterday on my Cannondale cx bike and I think the bottom bracket needs help. I'll give it a try and if it is bad I have the back up.

Here are my two bikes for the fall:

I have not ridden a 1x9 before so I am looking forward to seeing what that is like.

I am also looking forward to eating at Two Urban Licks tonight!

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mosovich said...

Bob, you're going to really like that 1x9.. What ring are you using up front. Too hot here in Augusta for cross practice yet. Work and 18 month old slowing me down big time! I got one of those Motobocane frames and set it up as a 1x9 with a flat bar, fenders etc. as a sweet beater bike. It's great!