Sunday, August 05, 2007

Covington Century Week

After being a bit sick last weekend I rebounded this week with the most miles/time I have done all season. In the last "free" week before school starts again I was able to get in 13 hours and 238 miles.

I took it easy Monday-Thursday and mostly did endurance pace or tempo pace. On Friday I did 7x3(3) blocks at VO2 max. These were a bit sluggish but I was able to do all 7 intervals in the proper power zone.

Sunday was the Covington Century which is pretty flat and usually pretty fast. I was going to do 50/50 with the group and solo. It was actually pretty stupid since at mile 50 I was feeling good in the lead group and after 10 solo miles later I was dying like a dog. The main culprit was the heat. The heat index today according to the Weather Channel was 105 degrees. I went through 15 bottles in 50 miles and some of these were ice bath bottles.

I ended up finishing in 4 hours 50 minutes but I hit every sag in the last 50 miles, even the one at 90 miles! In fact, I had a seat for about 10 minutes and the last 10 miles were pretty rough.

In terms of statistics, the entire ride was 20 mph and an average power of 180 watts. I burned 3300 calories.

In terms of CTL, I am now approaching 70 tss/d and maybe I can get it to 80 by October. I am back in the negative in terms of training stress balance and would have still been there if not for the illness.

This week I will go back to the VO2 max workouts I need to do and work on some sprinting as well. If all goes well I will hit 70 tss/d next weekend and hopefully my top end is getting ready to adapt.

My new bike will be done this week as well.

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