Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dan's Macabre Comparison 3

Today we did a different course which was about 7 miles longer than usual and no dirt road. It was windy on the way back but we still did a great job. I am pretty tired from pulling but Theron provided the most horsepower and his pulls were fantastic. The objective of remaining steady, smooth and working together makes this ride a gem.

I had moved my FTP down to 280w because of the flu without any real testing to back it up. That seemed to be a good move and it may be a little higher than that. I may test in 2 weeks to see. I was very happy with my power output today and my CTL is back up to the pre-flu level of 57 tss/d because of some extra time to ride in the past 2 weeks. Hopefully I can massage this up into the 70's by the middle of summer.


minor2nd said...

I have to admit I was plotting most of the way back in how to escape with just you and TC. I would have put my nose on the stem for that move.

Bob Kuhn said...

That would have made for a nice break. Maybe sometime soon. Too bad it can't be this weekend at Perry, I have family in town.