Sunday, March 16, 2008

I received a really nice first place award from NW SORBA for---> winning the 17 mile Snake TT single speed title for 2008. It is a blue chain ring and in the middle is a customized headset cap with the Snake TT engraved in it. Also engraved is the placing and year on the chain ring.

<---Also, I have my new Lazer Genesis team Belgie helmet that HUP got this year. I really like it so far and it looks sharp. I have been able to get in some good riding in the past 2 weeks and my fitness is getting stronger. In the chart below you can see the yellow columns go positive during my flu illness and then in the past 3 weeks I have pushed them negative while my CTL (blue line) has climbed nicely. Hopefully I can continue to improve up to some un-designated level. I am planning on doing the GTC La Primavera next weekend and then the Saturday after that, take a shot at the "2 ways in 1 day" MTB TT in Roswell.

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