Friday, November 23, 2007

Trying to Keep Up

I feel a bit like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland this week. Here is what I did/will do:

Monday: 30 minute TT from school to bank and back as punishment for Sunday.
Tuesday: easy 60 minutes (200w)
Wednesday: 3 sets of 8x45 seconds (1 minute recovery); 1 set of them were hill efforts; L6-over 400w
Thursday: easy-steady 2 hours on road
Friday: 5x5 minute VO2 max efforts (318-363w)
Saturday: 2+ hour ride with GTC
Sunday: Chill, watch football as it rains

It would be nice to get in a >500 tss week to boost my chronic training load. I am sitting at a CTL of 64 right now and would love to see it get close to 70 by nationals. I am planning for a +20 TSB peak or so around then. TSB is only around -2 by now and should be -2 to -10 by the middle of next week. I'll be sitting at a TSB of 0 for the Blue Ridge Race.

Anyway, numbers, trust the numbers.

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