Sunday, November 11, 2007

Macon Cyclocross Race

The mysterious "Cartman" usually posts the week before the Macon 'cross race taunting us that no one will be able to ride "cereal bowl" hill. This year he had the course tape looking like an uphill salom with the most brutal part of the hill straight up at the end. But you know what Cartman? I rode that shit each lap!

Macon is always really hard. I hate euphamisms for US versions of European things to make them sound tougher, but Macon is like our own little Dutch course. It is on the coastal plain of Georgia and falls on the "fall line" which denotes the highest transgression of the ocean in the Mesozoic. Basically, under all that grass is a lot of sand. To add to the experience, there was a nice 50 yard beach run across the reservoir's beach. Nice deep sand that led right into the cereal bowl hill fun. Cartman, I ran the sand so you win there.

My eye issues had cleared to about 90% and I had to wear my glasses which brought back unpleasant memories of the big, clunky plastic frames that would always seem to attract every basketball in gym class, either breaking or falling off. But I had to wear them today in the race and between them and the black uniform I was the epitome of style.

The masters 35+ was stacked with talent. We had a total of 7 time state championships (ok, between 2 people), cat 1/2 riders, career masters riders, and a brevy of guys wanting their shot. We even had a guy with an English accent! (Brendan, he was the series leader).

After Brady got his front wheel turned around the right way, we had a fast start. Let's see, Brady attacked, Nate attacked, Jay attacked, Tony attacked and I countered, who did not atrtack? Brandon. So when we came up the cereal bowl for the third time he attacked and was gone. All of us except for Tony, Brady and Jay had jelly legs then Brady flatted. I chased like I have been all series but could not pull back anyone and took 2 guys with me. I spent the last 2 laps trying to make them throw up, giving it the gas 100%. In the end I took 6th. Brendan

But, I feel very good for next weekend's championships. I will be peaking, I won there last year, and I felt very strong today during the race. The race will be stacked with A-racers racing down and all of the strong guys from the series. Basically a slug fest.

Thank you Macon for another great race.


mosovich said...

Kick ass report Bob, look forward to seeing you next week!!

Cartman said...

Mr. Kuhn,

I am deeply hurt that you rode my hill. I will sulk until next years race when I promise the most unrideable cereal bowl hill ever!!!

Bob Kuhn said...

Take the sand from the beach and move it to the hill!

"I hate you guys, I really, hate you guys."--Cartman