Monday, November 19, 2007

Georgia State Championships, Augusta, GA

<-- For Jay W.

First of all Ross and his crew did a very nice job in course design and making the venue great for both spectators and racers.

It is the one you always want to win right? I have come close but never won a state title in 'cross. The best I have ever done is second but usually the results are accurate in terms of the competition. Yesterday I got 6th and that is what I deserved.

A few years ago I was bitching and moaning after a race where I led Tony around the course only to have him attack on the last lap and win. I was envious of his talent to be able to do that and when I asked him about it he simply told me to "train harder". So I did. Since then that advice has paid off many times but never enough to win the big one. The road goes through Tony so you have to do something special. The year I came in second Tony was 4th but Andy Johnson won it. That year I had my worse training and fitness because my daughter was born over the summer and I had no business training. Go figure that this year, in a year where I poured myself into training, I am getting results that don't reflect that preparaton. Other forces are at work.

But, dominance is dominance and you have to give lots of credit. Over the years that envy has turned into admiration.

So, with 4 "serious" races left I hope that at some point it will bear fruit. In the past I have waffled about quitting but I have made decisions and preparations to finally stop training, let the hair grow out and do some other stuff. I'll most likely do some 'cross races next year but without training. I may even set up a frites stand.

But for now, these last 4 races will be special and I will give each one 100%.

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