Sunday, August 27, 2006

GTC Nation Quiz Answers

1.Name 3 Gins and 3 Dosters on our riding routes.

Manning Gin, Bradley Gin, and Gin Rd, Emmett Doster, Eliza Doster and Doster.

2.On what road/street is the wooden Indian located?

Bethany Church

3.On what street is Grandaddy’s Crack House

Smith Mill

4.On what made up street is Charlene’s Trim Shop

Studabaker Ave.

5.On the GTC Winter Ride, how many County line sprints are there?

None, its winter.

6.What is Ima Cool Lover and where is its home?

It is a horse and the stables are located on Michael road just past Bunk Tillman.

7. What is written on the Good Hope Store bumper sticker?

I’d rather be fishing.

8.What does the store at Fairplay not have that is very important?

An available bathroom. But, they will let you have free ice. It is in the fridge freezer.

9.What movie used a house structure located along the Bethlehem-Fairplay ride?

My Cousin Vinny.

10.On what road is the Day Lily Farm?


11.What violent act of history happened on Moores Ford road?

A lynching.

12.Name 3 roads with church in their name on which we ride.

There are so many. I already listed Bethany Church. There is Bethel Church, Harmony Grove Church, Mt. Etna Church, etc.

13.How long (km) is Bunk Tillman?


14. How many sections of dirt are there in the L
enfer du Walton ride?

Depending on what version, 15 right now.

15.On what hard short climb could you stop off and eat some goat cheese?


16.What small town that we ride through has the same name as 1970
s prison riot?

Attica, Attica!

17.What are the names of the 2 reservoirs we ride over each year (not on the same ride)?

Willamson lake and Green County. Not sure of the name of the one in Statham since it is so new.

18.What is the name of the cobbled street on the Athens ride and what unique object is at the top?

Finley. The tree that owns itself.

19.On what street/road is Bones restaurant located in the GTC nation?

Panell Rd.

20.What ride has the longest climb we do and what is it called?

Ride of the Fallen Leaves and it is called Maberry.

21.Where is the Trestle located?


22.How many of our current GTC rides actually start in Gwinnett County?

Any ride out of Harbins, N. Gwinnett Ride, and Grayson rides.

23.What are the names of the streets that intersect at Gratis?

Gratis Rd, Simms Bridge and Mt. Vernon

24.In the spring, it is the only road on which we always turn around.

Maple Ridge.

25.What is the name of the subdivision at the end of the La Primavera spring classic that usually decides the sprint?

Kendall Park.

26.Name 4 stills as part of a road/street name we usually use.

Callie, Randolph, Ralph and ??

27.There are 2 mountains listed on the maps in the GTC Nation. What are their names?

Turkey and Alcovy

28.Which Cross Lane is paved?

N. Crosslane

29.Name the roads that each have a functional wooden bridge.

Old Thompson Mill Rd, Hightower Trail (cars only) and Jericho Rd (I think. Wherever Ming crashed)

30.Name the road in the GTC Nation that was the title of an R.E.M. album.

Chronic Town (near Auburn)

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