Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cyclocross Update and More

Having spent all summer prepping for the season, I found myself a little ahead of schedule. I finished my Intensity period 2 weeks ago and had a rest week last week. I was worried that I was too ready this far away from the season and then I got sick and it all made sense. Thankfully I really worked my butt off and the fitness that I lost while sick did not erode too badly. I will try and do a CP test Friday to find out.

Cyclocross practices have been different this year. I have found that people are really in shape or a a little behind. At this point I would rather be a little behind considering most guys slow down near the middle of the season and State's are in December.

The GTC CX practice course is nice but I would like to see a bit more pavement to simulate a real race. I would also like more hot laps and less warm-up/skills at this point. The Jim Miller sessions are really smoking and the A racers make it clear to us what the pecking order is at this point. We must have had 25 riders yesterday and that was great.

If I was able to make decisions, I would have scheduled a race at Jim Miller at the same time as the fair. It could be a fund raiser and not count in the series. We would have a lot of spectators and it would really capture the feel of a Euro CX race.
My new Trek road bike is nice but the 10 speed gearing will be lost on me. I also am not really excited about its looks. It is less exciting than the nice metal flecked paint of the last bike. I really can wait to ride it at this point.
Working Christmas/40th Birthday List for 2006

1. Saris Bones rear rack for the car
2. 48 Gallon fish tank and accesories (I want to set up a Ciclid tank)

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