Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Planned for this week (dare I post?)

After last week's debacle, I lost 5 tss/d to my CTL which will be hard to gain back. I am feeling better but today will be a good test. I will probably have a challenging race Sunday since I will be training hard again this week.

Monday: 60 minutes easy (200w)
Tuesday: 8x30s(90s) and 4 sprints in an hour workout
Wednesday: 2 hour ride with a total of 75 minutes tempo (238-259w) in 15 minute blocks
Thursday: 5x5(4) VO2 max intervals
Friday: Easy 60 minutes and massage
Saturday: 60 minute ride with 2 sprints and 3x3(2) VO2 max intervals opening up for Sunday
Sunday: Race at Conyers International Horse Park

I am going to hold my breath and hope for the best. Hopefully top 5 on Sunday.

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