Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring Update

It has been a wonderful spring so far. Even though I got a case of the flu back in February and a ear infection in March, I have been able to get in between 8-9 hours a week of riding. I have also been able to do 5 races since January with very good results. My CTL is hovering around 70 which was my high last summer. All this with little structured training except for "sweet spot" intervals every week.

I have only raced on the mountain bike since January and here are the results:

Snake Gap TT: 1st, new course record for the 17 mile single-speed division
2 Ways in 1 Day TT: 1st
Flat Rock MTB Race: 1st
Yargo MTB Race: 2nd
Yargo Dirty Spokes 4 Man Relay: 4th

I have tried to commute once a week but it is not very easy to do. The commute is 40 miles round trip and there are a lot of lights. Last Friday I made it to school in 57 minutes (19.6 average) but the way home I was tired.

My newish single-speed MTB is almost finished. I am waiting on the fork and stem to come in the mail but Max over at REI has the Klein BB and White Industries cranks in perfect alignment. I am really excited to try it out.

Coming up is the GTC Championships next weekend and then the Heritage MTB race.

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