Monday, January 21, 2008

SS at Ft. Yargo--Winder, GA

Yesterday when I rode for an hour it was 22 degrees, windchill 11. Today when I woke up and waited to leave, the temperatures had gotten to the 30 degree mark. At Yargo the trails were frozen on the first lap and then all muddy the second. The Maxxis Larsen Mimo tires I have do not like the mud and they slide around a lot. The effort was nice but pretty hard in the cold. By the second lap I was warm but tired and when I was finished I felt like I actually had done something.

Some dip-shit left a puppy in the bathroom at the nature center overnight. It escaped and parked itself right by my car. I had no other option but to pet it awhile and then call the rangers to take it to a shelter. It was a great dog and I wish we could have one right now.

I hit a big tree with my shoulder from a mud induced slide but no real damage. I love the singlespeed and I know that in the mud on my old geared bike, the shifting would have been shit on the second lap.

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