Sunday, October 01, 2006

GTC 30 Minute Race

So today we had a nice little 30 minute race at Freeman-Brock. I think everyone had a nice workout and had a good time. It was good to do a longer block of race paced effort in light of what will be coming our way in 2 weeks. I saw many of us drinking before the race block and that is good since we will have little time for fluids during the races.

Anyway, the Powertap does not usually lie and here were my numbers for the 30 minute race:

The 5 laps came in at 31.06 minutes for me.

Avg Power (including zeros): 253.66
Avg Power Pedaling (not including zeros): 296.87 (98.9% of FT power (300W))
Avg. Power to Weight for the Block: 3.8 w/kg
Avg. HR = 171.5 bpm
Avg. Cadence: 80rpm
Max Power= 984 W (at the start); Attack Power= 690W initially, 500W avg for the 30 seconds at the attack and after.

Below is an Excel graph of power during the block.

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