Sunday, November 30, 2008


Since I got injured last weekend I had to reassess my strategy going into nationals. I started September around a 90 tss/d CTL which is really good for me. Last weekend I was at 80 tss/d which is really good for that late in the year. Now after almost a week of taking it easy, I am around 70 tss/d which is still OK and my TSB is very positive at around 20 which is really at peaking levels. If I can get to nationals in 1 piece, my plan should take me into it at around 71-72 tss/d which is still pretty good. This is when I thank myself for all the hard work I did over the summer.

It will be beneficial to taper because I am slated to do 3 races at nationals. I really can't wait and next weekend's race in Dallas, GA will tell me where I am and if I can even compete. Hopefully my injury will be healed and at least allow me to get through 4, 45-minute races.

I'll probably take 2-3 weeks easy after nationals and if I can I will do the Jan 3rd Snake TT. I have the Southern Cross on Jan 24th too.

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