Friday, December 01, 2006

The End of the CX Season is Pretty Close

Last weekend I was very pumped for the Georgia state championships on Sunday. I was primed and ready and my wattage and motivation were at all time highs, then I got sick. I have been in bed for most of the week with an acute sinus infection along with a fever. So, missing out on the championship race is pretty dissapointing since that was my only real goal since I started preparing in June. But, like most things, if you put all your eggs in one basket there is a great risk of dissapointment that goes along with possibility of your goal actually being fulfilled.

This is why I decided to try and win as many races as possible along the way. I also picked up the leader's jersey and I'll hold it until the last weekend which will be a struggle since that race counts for double points and I'll have not worked out in two weeks.

I was able to win 3 races and all three of these were escapes off the front which I have never done before. The other two races were close and I felt considering the competition, I finished where I should have.

I doubt I will go to Nationals now. Even though it is an "open" race, I don't feel that it should be for everyone. I think you should have to be in your top 5 in the state to go. Since I am not racing the championship race I have no idea where I would place. If I rode it I think I would have won, but I am not so the point is moot. However, if I hold on to the series championship in the masters category, I may still go depending on how horrible the experience it is from being sick for over a week. If it is too nasty or makes me sick again I won't go.

Honestly, I don't think you should be able to go to Nationals unless you are eligible for a call up or are a state champion or one of the UCI series champions.

Anyway, in looking back I feel really happy that I devoted so much time and got results for 6 races. This was my last shot to dedicate that time for awhile (maybe ever) and it surely paid off.

June: 36 hours/611 miles Mean Maximal Peaks: 5sec-1116w, 1min-468w, 5 minutes-341w, 20min-310w, 50min-236w

July: 42 hours/716 miles Mean Maximal Peaks: 5sec-1135w, 1min-441w, 5 minutes-307w, 20min-289w, 50min-284w

August: 30 hours/523 Miles Mean Maximal Peaks: 5sec-1255w, 1min-568w, 5 minutes-350w, 20min-322w, 50min-254w

September: 19 hours/309 Miles Mean Maximal Peaks: 5sec-1201w, 1min-586w, 5 minutes-339w, 20min-310w, 50min-288w

October: 17 hours/259 miles Mean Maximal Peaks: 5sec-1113w, 1min-468w, 5 minutes-341w, 20min-310w, 50min-300w

For a pro/cat1 or 2 these are meger results but they were enough to get me to where I have a nice 5 minute power and was able to push 300w for a race.

Let's see what the Indian Springs race brings and whether I can hang on to keep the title or even if I can beat the illness in that time.

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