Saturday, November 26, 2005

Marietta CX Race--A Nice Comeback Win

The Marietta course is a very familiar one to those that practice there every Wednesday. It has a lot of grass, one big rideable climb, and a nice steep dirt run up. I thought that the run up would decide the race, and it did end up being a huge factor.

A new wrinkle was a very difficult ditch that at first I thhought was not rideable until I saw others doing and it. I had to scoot over there 10 minutes before the race and try it at least once so I did not face plant. It was hard to do at speed but I learned quickly.

This was a great race because finally we had 5 guys going at it mister. Instead of Perry riding away, we now had to use some tactics and that is when racing is fun. Perry, Dub, Dave W., Brad, and myself made the break and soon were alone for the rest of the race. Dub lost some ground toward the middle and never made contact again. But, he led out the race really fast and put us all in difficulty. There was a hammering on the paved section to be at the ditch first and it was there that Perry and others had to run it. Ahh, that could be handy later.

The second acceleration was to be first to the run up. We were all together for the first 3-4 laps but there was still a jockeying each lap to be first. Dave W. had the great idea of getting up there first, hopping the log that came right after the run up and then powering away from the group. We were able to catch up with him each lap but on the last lap I knew i had to be right with him there.

The race began on pavement and it was fast. Dub started out very fast and I was just hanging on for the forst 3 laps and Perry on the front was accelerating through each grassy section. We were conservative on the hill early on. On the 3rd lap I lost my chain on the run up. I lost 20 seconds and had to get back to the group if I had any chance. I gave it everything for about 5 minutes and was surprised to see my heart rate close to 95% for the interval. I was able to catch the group of 3 and with a few laps left we started some tactics.

My chances were good in a sprint if I could hang on. The first few laps back in the group were hard and I was gapped slightly a few times. on the last lap I was gaining confidence because I thought I might be the best sprinter. As we got to the uphill pave section there was an acceleration by Dave W. to be first to the run up. Perry followed and I was able to squeak by Brad to ne next. On the run up I passed Perry and was second to Dave and we both accelerated after the log and rode away. We had about 15 seconds down the pathe to the large grassy field and the finish. Dave really gunned it and I followd him onto the field. perry was slowly making his way back and I went with about 15 seconds to go and took the sprint easily.
Sprinting past Dave for the win!

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