Friday, January 22, 2010

Rome Winter Cyclocross Series Race #2

With rain the previous two days and temperatures in the 50's, the second race of the Rome winter series was destined for mud. David had added back the terraces and muddy 180 degree turn and some other treats on the moto-cross circut, but the moto-cross section was made of caking mud which made turning the wheels impossible. So with that section out, he ran the extended bottom course.

The turn out was much bigger this week and the A/B race had over 14 people. We had a visit from the Faster Mustache team and even had a fellow drive all the way up from Florida.

The A race was really fun with the course being one challenge and the Faster Mustache guys throwing down from the start. After about 3 laps I got a small lead over Eric Nicoletti but I hit a crevice in the wooden bridge which grabbed my front tire and threw me over. Once I regrouped he was off the front and by the end I was only able to come within 5 seconds or so.

The course was mostly grass and mud but David did also add in the paved quarter mile loop which made it even tougher. Looks like more free beer and more mud this Sunday. Hope to see some of you out there!

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