Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Missed You at Our Party

Today was a fun day because we got to race cyclocross for FREE in the mud, cold and rain on a farm with an owner who did not care that it was cold, rainy or muddy. Not many came out but we had fun regardless. Trey of Cycle Therapy in Rome, GA is holding a 4 race winter series at this same venue and I hope folks come out and support it.

I knew that MTB was out of the question because of the rain and a 3 hour road ride in the rain at 40 degrees and cold water spray did not sound appealing. A chance to get muddy and have a nice effort for 60 minutes sounded great.

The course was all taped off and had a heated tent port-o-john, power washer, etc. So there was no cutting corners. The course itself was shortened because Trey wanted to keep it close. The mud made it hard, and as the 60 minutes progressed the course deteriorated nicely. There was a short paved section, a nice run up a dam, 3 barrier sections, lots of terrain changes and off-cambers. I was able to crank out 12 laps in 60 minutes.

There were also lots of smiles and laughs. With the regular season behind, I felt liberated and wished others had come out to play. I know that the mentality is to stop after the last GA race and do some sort of base, but to be quite honest ATMO, base is for PROs not cat 3 superstars. I have no business doing base, just like I don't work hard enough to taper. One hour a week is not going to hurt your prep for road/mtb and it will do your soul some good to get out there and take on the challenge in the midst of January. Fuck the trainer, I'd rather get muddy.

Anyway, I am not judging, I'd like to see some other folks come out and have as much fun as we did today.

See if you can make it in January.

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