Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Robertson Road Dirt Ride

This ride really did not have a name (Mike has not christened it) but it did have 47 total miles and about 12 miles of dirt roads which were all blown clear!

The ride started out of Bethlehem (it was Christmas Eve day) and traveled north past Statham and toward Arcade. Most of the dirt roads were long (1-3 miles) and had a predicatable downhill to a creek and then back up. One of the roads (below) had a significant climb back up from a stream.

The ride was pretty uneventful and the only flat happened in the last 2-3 miles. The temperature was a nice 50 degrees or so and it was nice and sunny. We only had around 10 folks come out and a few of them were new to the club. We did see a few folks on horseback and even a two horse carriage full of revelers.

Mike was showing off his new Campy gruppo on his old steel custom racing bike. He upgraded to 9 speed and had a revoltingly pink handlebar tape, his testament to Italy I guess. Will I ever be invited over for New Year's Frutti del mar??

I rode my cross bike and the tubular clinchers that got no use during the CX season since they were for smooth surfaces. They did great on the dirt roads and offered little resistance on the road sections.

I think this was Carlos's last dirt ride since he will be going back to Peurto Rico. Of course he did not wear gloves in the 40 degree staring temperature. I will miss him on rides and his cheerful disposition.

All in all a great ride on the disappearing dirt roads of the Gwinnett-Barrow-Walton area.

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